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Paolo Hewitt was born on July 11 1958. Two days after he was taken into care. His mother was a long term patient at a hospital in Coulsdon, Surrey. At the age of four he was fostered by a woman who created a deeply unhappy childhood for Paolo. At age ten he was returned to care and lived for the next eight years in Burbank Children’s Home in Woking. When he was fourteen Paolo hit the jackpot. The idea of becoming a writer was firmly planted in his head. He now devoted himself to realising his dream. In 1978 he moved to London to study at North London Polytechnic. Within two years he was a staff writer at the music paper, Melody Maker. In 1983, he moved to the NME. There his main interests centered mainly around Hip Hop and, later on, Acid House. In 1990 he went freelance. Since then he has written over twenty books including landmark works on Oasis, Bowie and Steve Marriott. Amongst his most acclaimed are his two books on care – The Looked After Kid in which he details his life - and But We All Shine On where he located four of the boys he was in Burbank with and detailed their lives. His current book is entitled Colour Me Father – An Open Letter To My Son, inspired by the birth of his Son Rafi Supino-Arif in 2015. Written in a stream of consciousness style, this work he thinks reflects the best of his writing. He looks forward to discussing this and many other ideas through this page.